Set up Multi – node Cassandra3.6 Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04

In the below example i’m using 3 nodes with the below IP’s.Each of them have Single node cassandra cluster already set up in it.


Through the below simple steps im trying to set up the nodes to function as a multi node cassandra cluster so please run the below steps in all of your available nodes in your cluster.

   Step1:Stop Cassandra daemon & delete the default data set
     $ sudo service cassandra stop
     $ sudo rm -rf /var/lib/cassandra/data/system/*   
   Step2:COnfigure the cassandra cluster using the configuration file
   $ sudo vim  /etc/cassandra/cassandra.yaml
   cluster_name: 'CassandraDOCluster'
  - class_name: org.apache.cassandra.locator.SimpleSeedProvider
         - seeds: ",,"
  endpoint_snitch: GossipingPropertyFileSnitch
  auto_bootstrap: false
   Step3:Start cassndra server & check status
   $ sudo service cassandra start
   $ sudo nodetool status   

imageStep4:Log into your node’s CQL console and try make some changes in your Db tables just to check those changes are reflecting in your other nodes too. $ cqlsh 9042

You are done.
Note: You can log into the CQL console and check the db changes you makes are reflecting in your other nodes instantly.

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