In Our New Office And New Climate, Feeling Awesome..

The idea of owning a firm budded in our mind during the final days of college life. As beginners, having an office was a mere dream for us at that time and we had to start all our operations without an office. It took almost 6 months to gain some traction. By then, we had managed to set up a small office and started working with some local projects. We struggled hard to survive and burned our midnight oil in building solutions to satisfy our local clients. But the profit from those projects was too less and this made us desperate.


Meeting Deepak Narayan, who has more than 12 years of industrial experience, changed our life. He was very excited to know about Nintriva and we shared our ideas with him. The next 6 months was a game changing phase for Nintriva. Deepak made a 6 month plan for revamping Nintriva and the main focus was on improving the overall quality of the process. He introduced us many platforms that improved our development process. Under his guidance, we enlarged our network worldwide. With our entry into the international market, projects started flowing in. Mean time, we built good reputation in many online technology communities.


Our vision and greatest offering to each client evolved by time, and we fixed it under our logo “Perform Better”. People with some awesome ideas came in and shared it with us and we gave life to those ideas. As days passed, new challenges came in and we were excited to break each one of them. It is the strong will and desire of each team member that pushed Nintriva to next level. Our Passionate team is always eager to learn upcoming technologies which keep them updated with the international standard. Next thought was to upgrade our work space. This made us move towards the IT Hub of Kerala—Cochin. A new place and a much better working ambiance provide a sense of refreshment for our team. We have just begun our journey and are looking forward to our future. The belts are tightened and its time for another take off!

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